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A Powerful Revenue Optimization Tool

GoTab Zones let you create new sources of revenue, or maximize existing revenue streams, all with no extra software or fees. Optimize all types of physical spaces, like a restaurant bar or patio; a hotel’s room service or poolside bar; or an independent Food Truck at a brewery.
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Maximize Revenue Streams

Monetize Remote Locations

Ideal for venues with large outdoor or indoor spaces. Make those remote areas easier to serve using GoTab Zones.

Customize Everything

Set customized parameters for every Zone you create. Whether it’s a special service charge, order prompts or menu schedule, it’s all configurable.

Infinitely Flexible

With GoTab Zones, your only limits are your imagination. For example, create a pickup zone with custom settings for online orders, or automatically turn off menus in a certain Zone when service is limited.

Personalize Guest Experience

Proactively manage your guest experience and delight them with personalized service and maximum flexibility.

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We are an experiential gathering place offering an incredible variety of food and drink in a lively atmosphere. As we continue to innovate and improve our eatertainment concept, we sought out a technology partner that would elevate the guest experience and improve day-to-day operations.

Camilo Rivera, GM, The Delegate
Susan Ganter

Owner of the Golden Mill

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    Set Customized Order Rules

    Choose your organization structure. For Dine-in, guests have immediate access to the menu from their table for ASAP fulfillment, while Takeout gives guests specific order times. 

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    Create as Many Zones as You Need

    GoTab lets you create as many Zones as you need. What’s more, you can customize Zone names to make sure they are easy to follow and navigate for your staff.

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    Set Order Rules

    Adjust important settings like minimum amount of purchase (in dollars) required to place an order, or desired tip scales, if needed.

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    Add Custom Notices  

    Update notices and prompts based on your unique operations; i.e., alerts when ordering is unavailable, or prep time delays.

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Smarter Operations for Large, High-Volume Venues

SMS Messaging-Enabled

Ideal for remote areas like a patio or poolside, GoTab supports automatic SMS messaging to confirm guest order receipt or fulfillment.

Smart Order Routing

Orders placed within specific Zones can be routed to the most efficient prep location for faster fulfillment. What’s more, order batching ensures orders placed from the same location within a given time window get fulfilled together.

Customizable Order Rules

Customize virtually everything within the zones you create, whether it’s auto-gratuity, order notes, schedules or guest prompts.

Ideal for Large, Expansive Locations

By organizing your physical spaces using Zones, you can monetize remote areas or spaces that are generally difficult to service like a patio, rooftop bar or a tennis or pickleball court.

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Revenue Optimization Made Simple

With GoTab Zones and Spots, organize your physical and virtual spaces to optimize guest ordering, payment and fulfillment.

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Scale with Reduced Labor

Handle reduced labor by giving power back to the guests and empowering them to place orders on their own.

Mobile Order & Pay

Incorporate multiple menus into your marketplace. Guests can conveniently order and explore them all.

Increase Revenue

More orders, less overhead. Frictionless ordering helps increase average check sizes while minimizing extra work for servers.

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