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To deliver the highest quality guest experience craft brewers and brewery operators need a POS system that helps. GoTab gives guests the freedom and independence to choose how they want to order and pay. Our Brewery operators reap all of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology, enhancing the guest experience while keeping the human touch.

The Flexibility Necessary To Focus More On The Guest Experience

  • Order Batching

    Save steps for your servers, increase speed of service and ensure the right orders get delivered at the same time.

  • Accounting & Analytics

    Run your business swiftly with real-time reporting and analytics.

  • Inventory for Brewery

    Track ingredients, stock levels and inventory.

  • Real-time Menu Management

    86 on-the-fly menu updates at the tip of your fingers

There’s a huge difference between good service and a good guest experience. It’s challenging enough to ensure your guests are greeted in a timely manner, their orders taken quickly, drinks never run dry, and their bill received and closed on time. These service steps are absolutely critical, but do very little to combat a negative first impression. Standards for service are increasing at a rapid pace as patience of our guests wanes, so is it time to pivot our focus away from basic tasks and focus more heavily on our presence with guests? To find out, listen to the podcast Guest Experience: How To Thrive in an Instant, On-Demand World!

GoTab enabled us to stay afloat when we really needed it. Now that things are moving again, it enables us to keep our numbers where they should meanwhile providing guests a fun and different way to put in their orders. GoTab provided an efficient, streamlined ordering process that made everything easier for us and for our guests.

Allan Schaeffer

Broxton General Manager

Put Your Guests in the Driver’s Seat.

Upgrade your food and drink with our powerful, easy-to-use Brewery  Mobile Ordering & Payment and Kitchen Display System. High-volume is no problem with features that make sure you fulfill orders on time, never lose a ticket, and keep guests coming back for more.

The Difference is the Tab

Integrate With Your Food Truck Operators

GoTab’s cashless system makes it easy for food trucks to serve guests safely and efficiently. Guests can order ahead via link from your GoTab website, or at the counter via QR. And because GoTab supports two-way text capability, guests receive text messages when their order is confirmed and when the order is ready. Guests can easily communicate with operators via text, and minimize face-to-face contact. Each transaction is made even easier with our cashless payment solution. Guests can simply pay through their phones, eliminating the need for cash and NFC technology.

Eliminate third party fees and own your guest data. Create branded online menus with images & videos. Communicate directly with the guests from the dashboard or KDS.

Keep the line moving at your fast casual restaurant. Customers have control to order what they want, how they want it.

Guests can easily pay using their digital wallet including Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay. 

Your guests are your guests. Segment your guests and market directly to them.

Custom branded menus with images or video and configured for your operations.

Transparent revenue reporting. Measure insights that matter most to your operation.

Keep your guests coming back for more with specials, coupons, discounts and seasonal offers.

Multi-Level Management

Customize pricing, descriptions, and even menu names at a brand, region or unit level.


Seamlessly manage in-store, online, and delivery revenue streams. Customize prompts by Zone for a fast, frictionless guest experience.


Easily manage inventory including sizes and styles to highlight your brand with your customers.

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Solutions for Breweries

Improve Guest Experience

Guests set the pace of their experience with frictionless, guest-centric ordering & payment technology. Guest segments support personalized experiences & increase loyalty. 

Increase Table Touches

Give servers the ability to check on guests and their needs in order to provide the ultimate guest experience.

Labor Savings

Operators who use GoTab see on average of 30-50%higher check averages.  

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