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Kitchen Display System


A Feature-Rich KDS For All Your Kitchen Operation Needs​​

A one-of-its-kind kitchen management tool that is purpose-built to help your kitchen operation run more efficiently.  The GoTab KDS will help you run a lean, profitable operation, easily optimizing both front-of-house and back-of-house operations.
GoTab Order Batching
Order Batching
Save steps for your servers, increase speed of service and ensure the right orders get delivered at the same time.
Flexible Routing
Route orders to the right station – whether it's bar, dine-in, takeout, or delivery.
Two Way Text Communication
Clarify incoming orders, update customers on order status or substitutions quickly and efficiently.
Real-Time Menu Updates
Run out of a menu item or a modifier? You can 86 menu items or update inventory levels right from the line.
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A KDS that Helps you Deliver Amazing Front of House Experiences

GoTab KDS combines all orders into a unified view. So no matter where the order starts – whether dine-in via QR, dine-in via server (POS), online orders, or 3rd party delivery orders – your front-of-house gets a birds-eye view of all incoming orders.

With the GoTab KDS, your kitchen managers and expeditors get to identify and address issues at the source, and follow up with guests to ensure the order is accurate, right from the start.

GoTab Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

  • Set up menus tailored to your restaurant or venue. Upload menu item images and media to create visually engaging menus.
  • Order rules allow you to set up various discounts and promotions that can be displayed or used based on various conditions.
  • View sales and orders summaries, breakdowns by zone, refund summaries, discounts and fees overview.
  • Accounting setups that work with the systems you already have.

Dine-in or Online Orders

Simplify all your orders on a single display. Toss those third-party tablets, and focus on expediting all your orders from a single source. Whether it’s an online order from your website, a 3rd party delivery channel, a server, a bartender, or even a QR, you get a consolidated view of everything on the KDS.

Real-Time Menu Updates

You can 86 menu items or update inventory levels straight from the KDS to maintain accurate menus across all your platforms from one place. Changes cascade in real-time across all connected menus, reducing errors, missing items and incorrect orders.

Expo or Prep Mode

Image of two way communication with guest via the KDS
Use expo station(s) to mark tickets as complete and directly message guests via SMS. Or use prep mode in tandem with expo screens to manage various prep stations, and route items to specific stations for individual fulfillment.

Customize Your View

Sort and display:

  • Alphabetical
  • Chronological (First-in First-out)
  • Prep Time (Descending or Ascending)
  • Category
  • Prepped or Dispatched
  • Grouped Multiples

Rush or Delay

View Ticket Timers with all products associated with their respective prep times.

Product Delays communicate slow kitchen times during the shift to your guests – prep time is displayed right on the menu – so guests always know if there’s extra time associated with their order.

Batch Orders

Image of batching on KDS
Batched orders get organized with other orders that are placed from the same spot within a designated time window. This helps save steps for your servers and ensures the right orders get delivered at the same time.

In-App Support

Have a question? Experiencing an issue? Our best-rated, restaurant-savvy customer support is ready and available via one tap in-app. Start chatting instantly with the GoTab team and get back to doing what you do best.

Get help from real people 24×7.

Solutions For Your Kitchen

Full Service

We give Full Service Restaurant operators the tools and processes to make ordering, payment, and fulfillment more guest-centric and efficient.
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Entertainment Venues

Guests no longer need to rush to the concession stand to place an order. Each attendee can simply scan a QR code at their seat, submit their order and pay.
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Multi-Unit Businesses

Complete control and customization From the ability to localize menu descriptions and photos, to the flexibility to customize local prices. Manage it all through our integrated platform.
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