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Point of Sale

A POS Designed for DeliveryTM

A POS Designed for DeliveryTM

Unlike other systems that treat every order the same, our POS gives you the flexibility to know what your guests order AND where they want the order delivered. We let you seamlessly transition from counter-service to table-service, and back again.

A POS for All Service Areas and Models

Whether at the bar, at the table, on the patio, or at curbside, GoTab knows where the order is going so you can make it and deliver it with maximum efficiency and highest level of quality.

Canyon Club Outdoor Patio

At the Host Stand...

Open a tab with a simple card swipe or a dip to set your guests up to order however they desire.

At the Bar...

Guests AND servers can place orders against a tab they share. So guests don’t need to close-out their check when their table is ready. Guests can simply send their items to their new location.

At the Table...

Your guests are free to move, order and reorder, without having to wait for a server. Servers can add orders to the same tab, and communicate with guests through the platform.

Servers can cover more tables with less effort, increasing their capacity and also their tips.

Within a Zone...

Create new sources of revenue, or maximize existing revenue streams, all with no extra software or fees. Set up as many zones as you need, and change them on the fly. Once set up, use Zones to control settings like hours, tip prompts, or menu item availability.

A POS with More Features Included

To deliver the highest quality guest experience, restaurant operators need a POS system that puts their needs first and positions them for the future. GoTab is a restaurant commerce platform built by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. Check out our list of the Top Features of the Best Restaurant POS Systems.



Create accounts for guests while they open their tab, creating a seamless guest experience no matter where they may go, with Easy Tab. Click here to learn more about EasyTab™.

Tab Versatility​

Whether or not servers initiate the tab, servers can split, merge, and share tabs for their guests. More guests joining a table? Make the tab discoverable by guests joining later.


Hybrid Service Model

QRs and spots can be assigned to servers, letting servers focus on the guest experience and ultimately doubling their sections.


Custom Floor Maps

Create and manage custom floor maps realistic to areas of your venue. See tabs by specific spots within the map.

Seamless Payments

When guests are ready, they can close out their tab on their mobile device via Credit Card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Mastercard Click to Pay.

Reports and Analysis

Get topline metrics and access your product mix straight from your POS. Generate reports for various timeframes POS users.

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All About EasyTab™

EasyTab™ will change the way technology supports restaurant operations, creating more positive, profitable experiences, specifically in restaurants with multiple dining areas and who cater to large groups or events.

EasyTab™ is designed to make the dine-in ordering experience even more convenient for servers and guests. Bridging traditional service models with guest-led ordering, EasyTab™ helps GoTab operators introduce contactless ordering to their guests, guiding them over the hurdle of using their mobile device to place their food and drink orders.

Download the fact sheet below to learn more about EasyTab!

How EasyTab™ Works

Use Your Existing Hardware, or Try Ours

With no special hardware required, GoTab can run on any Internet-connected Android, iOS or Windows tablet or phone.

GoTab hardware on a bar counter.

Download The GoTab POS Fact Sheet

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