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Revolutionizing Hotel Room Service - GoTab's Impact on Seamless Hospitality

Seamless Ordering Anywhere, Anytime

In the modern landscape of hospitality, convenience is the currency of guest satisfaction. GoTab's Hotel POS Seamless Ordering transcends the traditional limitations of room service by strategically placing QR codes in guest rooms and other key areas. This strategic placement empowers guests to browse and place orders at their convenience, whether from the comfort of their room, poolside, or any traditionally hard-to-reach locale. This frictionless experience aligns perfectly with the expectations of contemporary travelers who seek a seamless blend of technology and personalized service.

Tailored Menus and Optimal Fulfillment

Customization is the heartbeat of GoTab's approach to elevating room service. The ability to tailor menus, schedules, and fulfillment processes ensures that each guest's experience is uniquely crafted. This isn't a one-size-fits-all model; it's an acknowledgment of the diverse preferences and expectations of modern travelers.

GoTab's system doesn't just stop at customization for the guests; it extends to optimize the fulfillment process for the hotel. The intelligent routing of orders ensures they are directed to the optimal fulfillment station, enhancing both operational efficiency and the overall guest experience. It's a marriage of customization and efficiency that sets a new standard for how hotels can deliver room service that goes beyond expectations.

Tab Sharing and Splitting

In the realm of hotels, guest interactions are not just transactions; they are social experiences. GoTab recognizes this by facilitating tab sharing, splitting, and easy payment, turning room service into a social affair. Large parties can seamlessly settle their bills, fostering a sense of camaraderie and engagement that goes beyond the confines of traditional room service. Guests can also effortlessly bill their orders to their room with GoTab's seamless PMS integrations, offering an additional layer of convenience after shared tabs.

This social dimension of GoTab's solution isn't just a feature; it's a strategic approach to turning hotel spaces into social hubs. It encourages guests to linger, interact, and enjoy the company of their fellow travelers. By seamlessly integrating social dynamics into room service, GoTab becomes a catalyst for enhancing the overall guest experience and establishing the hotel as a destination where social connections flourish.

Streamlined Communication-  Syncing Front and Back of House

Exceptional guest experiences hinge on prompt and responsive service, and GoTab ensures this by creating a seamless connection between the front and back of the house. The two-way text capabilities embedded in GoTab's Kitchen Display System and POS allow direct communication with staff and guests. This facilitates the customization of messages, alerts, and workflows to ensure a seamless and memorable guest experience.

GoTab's communication features go beyond mere functionality; they contribute to the hotel's narrative of being a place that values open communication. It's not just about operational efficiency; it's about creating an environment where every guest feels heard and attended to. The synchronized communication channels become a testament to the hotel's commitment to providing a service that is not only technologically advanced but deeply rooted in the principles of hospitality.

In conclusion, GoTab's approach to elevating room service isn't a singular innovation; it's a comprehensive reimagining of the entire guest experience. From the convenience of ordering to the tailor-made menus, seamless communication channels, and the option to bill orders directly to the room, GoTab emerges not just as a solution but as a strategic partner for hotels aiming to redefine how room service contributes to unforgettable guest stays.

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Situated “in the heart of it all, yet tranquil enough to make you feel away from it all too,” The Limelight Hotel Snowmass offers 99 hotel rooms and 11 residences, as well as footsteps-to-gondola access in winter and summer — right in the middle of Snowmass Base Village.

The Situation

Especially over the last few years, the Limelight Hotels IT team had witnessed a significant shift to contactless technology in the hospitality industry. After evaluating friction points in the guest journey, aligning with modern technology platforms in their restaurant was determined to be an effective way to offer elevated contactless dining experiences to their guests while also evolving their technology platforms to continue to support long-term company goals. Limelight Hotel partnered with GoTab to provide an enhanced on-demand dining experience on par with the brand’s reputation for exceptional guest service.

The Solution

Reducing Staff Touch Points Without Sacrificing Guest Experience

Guests are now able to begin a tab from their room or the property’s restaurant by scanning a QR code, texting a link to friends or family members on the ski slope to add in their orders, then meeting up together at the patio or lodge to enjoy their meal and après ski festivities without interruption. By streamlining tasks like inputting orders and processing payments, this eliminates friction for hotel staff and allows them to focus on delivering renowned guest service for a memorable experience. Since partnering with GoTab, Limelight Snowmass has consistently seen higher check averages and sales.

“We found the Point of Sale platforms we were looking at offered the guest and staff limited opportunities to further reduce touch points or improve the traditional restaurant experience. The GoTab platform enabled the guest to take an active role over the flow of their experience while simultaneously reducing touch points and further streamlining restaurant operations.”Nick Giglio, Manager of Hotel IT Operations, The Little Nell Hotel Group

According to the Limelight Hotels team, some of the other platforms that were evaluated were either missing some of the pieces they were looking for, had weak customer support models, or had little willingness to develop integrations to existing hotel platforms already in place. To that end, GoTab integrated with cloud-based platform, Infor. Together, GoTab and Infor are providing dynamic solutions to support central, efficient service across hotel amenities and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

“Previously, guests would call down to the restaurant to begin an order from their room or while they were out enjoying the ski slopes. Using GoTab, guests can now place orders from anywhere on the resort, giving them the on-demand service they want without interrupting their day. GoTab empowers us to give control to the guest, reducing touch points and streamlining overall restaurant operations, making Limelight Hotel the resort of choice for Snowmass.”Nick Giglio, Manager of Hotel IT Operations, The Little Nell Hotel Group

Since introducing GoTab, The Limelight Hotel has seen a consistent level of upsells and items sold per check resulting in additional revenue capture. They have been able to maintain service levels in their restaurants during periods when there was reduced staffing available without significantly diminishing the guest experience.

The Benefits

Eliminate Phone Orders – Take Orders from the Slopes. Guests can start a tab from their room or on the mountain without interrupting the flow of their day.

Future-Proofed Technologies – Delivering elevated contactless ordering via integration with the Infor hotel management platform.

Eliminating Friction in the Guest Journey – Maintaining service levels during periods of reduced staff without diminishing the guest experience.

  • Eliminating Friction in the Guest Journey – Maintaining service levels during periods of reduced staff without diminishing the guest experience.
  • Eliminating Friction in the Guest Journey – Maintaining service levels during periods of reduced staff without diminishing the guest experience.
  • Eliminating Friction in the Guest Journey – Maintaining service levels during periods of reduced staff without diminishing the guest experience.
  • Eliminating Friction in the Guest Journey – Maintaining service levels during periods of reduced staff without diminishing the guest experience.

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