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Point of Sale

Image of a POS screen
Image of a POS screen
Image of a POS screen
Image of a POS screen
Image of a POS screen

More Than a POS

The POS that centers the guest experience. Tabs stay with your guest within the four walls and offer a seamless experience online. A powerful, customizable system that brings together your FOH and BOH.

A POS Designed for DeliveryTM

From the kitchen to wherever your food and drink travel, the GoTab POS knows both what and where your orders go. Guests enjoy the full experience without having to close and open tabs whenever they move about the venue.
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At the Host Stand...

Open a tab with a simple card swipe or a dip to set your guests up to order however they desire.
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At the Bar...

Guests AND servers can place orders against a tab they share. So guests don’t need to close-out their check when their table is ready. Guests can simply send their items to their new location.
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At the Table...

Your guests are free to move, order and reorder, without having to wait for a server. Servers can add orders to the same tab, and communicate with guests through the platform.

Servers can cover more tables with less effort, increasing their capacity and also their tips.
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Within a Zone...

Create new sources of revenue, or maximize existing revenue streams, all with no extra software or fees. Set up as many zones as you need, and change them on the fly. Once set up, use Zones to control settings like hours, tip prompts, or menu item availability.

GoTab Helps You Run Lean, Profitable Operations

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Reduce Costs
GoTab operators improve labor efficiency by up to 30-50%. Reduce errors and voids with shared tab control and smart kitchen management. GoTab offers competitive, transaction-based processing fees.
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Improve Guest Experience
Guests set the pace of their experience with frictionless, guest-centric ordering & payment technology. No need to close and reopen tabs multiple times during one experience.
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Grow Revenue
Operators who use GoTab see on average 20% higher tips, 35-50% higher check averages, and 25% faster table turns. Make your operation stronger, and tackle staffing challenges.
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Fast & Flexibile
Shared tab control changes the game. Exclusive to GoTab, both guests, and servers can order or pay at any time. Real-time updates means you can adapt as quickly as your shift changes.
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By providing such an easy and straightforward access to performance indicators and sales data, the GoTab POS allows us to make swift operational changes that have an immediate impact on our bottom line.
Jennifer Zamora
General Manager

A Modern POS is The Pulse of Your Business

With cloud-based software, streamlined operations, and hardware flexibility the GoTab POS improves guest and staff experience while generating sales and profit.
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All About Easy Tab & The Handheld POS

Easy Tab will change the way technology supports restaurant operations, creating more positive, profitable experiences, specifically in restaurants with multiple dining areas and who cater to large groups or events.

Easy Tab is designed to make the dine-in ordering experience even more convenient for servers and guests. Bridging traditional service models with guest-led ordering, Easy Tab helps GoTab operators introduce contactless ordering to their guests, guiding them over the hurdle of using their mobile device to place their food and drink orders.

Download the fact sheet below to learn more about Easy Tab!

Order More With Less Steps

easytab process
GoTab Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

  • Set up menus tailored to your restaurant or venue. Upload menu item images and media to create visually engaging menus.
  • Order rules allow you to set up various discounts and promotions that can be displayed or used based on various conditions.
  • View sales and orders summaries, breakdowns by zone, refund summaries, discounts and fees overview.
  • Accounting setups that work with the systems you already have.
gif of KDS

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • The GoTab KDS is built to work seamlessly with our Mobile Order & Payment system.
  • Optimize front-of-house and back-of-house operations with our KDS to keep your online ordering quick and efficient.
  • Real-time Product Mix and Sales analytics keep you on the fast track.

Tab Control

tab control image
Shared tab control changes the game. Exclusive to GoTab, both guests, and servers can order, and with Easy Tab guests take their tab with them right from a counter or bar. Staff can make more money while focusing on experiences, not unnecessary work.

Hybrid Service Model

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QRs and spots can be assigned to servers, letting servers focus on the guest experience and ultimately doubling their sections.

Guest Split Payments

Image of the split payment screen for guests
Guests can invite their friends to their tab and simplify the process of splitting the cost of meals. Pay for one item, multiple items or a dollar amount.

Reports & Analytics

image of sales screen on POS
Get topline metrics and access your product mix straight from your POS. Generate reports for various timeframes POS users.

Menu Manager

Image of GoTab menu
Set up menus tailored to your restaurant or venue. Manage your GoTags to tag menu items. Upload menu item images and media to create visually engaging menus. Quickly 86 and disable items as needed.


Image of a delay on a menu screen
Set guest expectations. Display how long an item may take, and display custom delays when you are busy. Easily enable coupons or discounts on backed-up items or whole orders to accommodate your guests.

Product Mix

Image of the product mix screen
Dig deeper into your product catalog and see what has been popular or what to feature for a promotion. View key data including: product quantities, sales totals, and refunded amounts.


In-Menu Notices
Order rules allow you to set up various discounts and promotions that can be displayed or used based on various conditions. Notices can be used to highlight promotions, communicate any updates, or simply thank your guests for dining at your establishment.

Seamless Transactions

Image of the GoTab payment screen
Guests can easily pay using their digital wallet including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay or Mastercard Pay.

All-In-One POS For Your Business Needs

Full Service

We give Full Service Restaurant operators the tools and processes to make ordering, payment, and fulfillment more guest-centric and efficient.
Read More

Entertainment Venues

Guests no longer need to rush to the concession stand to place an order. Each attendee can simply scan a QR code at their seat, submit their order and pay.
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Multi-Unit Businesses

Complete control and customization From the ability to localize menu descriptions and photos, to the flexibility to customize local prices. Manage it all through our integrated platform.
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Download The GoTab POS Fact Sheet

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