We Focus on Being Fast, So You Can Focus on Your Food

GoTab mobile ordering & payment is a perfect fit for your Fast Casual restaurant because it puts guests in the driver’s seat, leading to an increase in order size and accuracy. Our Fast Casual operators reap all of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology with none of the typical POS bottlenecks.

The Convenience You Need Without Compromising Service

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Online Ordering
Put your guests in the driver's seat. Get a quick and consistent experience both online and in-store.
Brewery Inventory Tracking
Real-Time Menu Management
Make on-the-fly menu updates at the tip of your fingers.
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Guest Engagement
Get first party data for a personalized guest experience.
Accounting & Analytics for Breweries
Accounting & Analytics
Run your business swiftly with real-time reporting and analytics.
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The Golden Mill Food Hall
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“As in-person interaction was limited, having the ability to connect with our customers via text messages was key. We also used two-way text communications to remind everyone to place their orders on Friday mornings, and texting is where we saw the highest conversion rate.”

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Adam Greenberg
Owner of Bagels 'n Grinds

“With GoTab, our guests can experience the fresh, classic BBQ known to this area without the long lines. So many families and groups dine with us, and now they can enjoy their experience and leave whenever they want to– a complete game changer for us. Plus, with real-time analytics, we can manage our plate cost and continue to offer high-quality ingredients we are proud of amid increased food costs.”

Image of the blue pig location
Kent Birdwell
Owner at The Blue Pig

Put Your Guests In The Driver Seat

Upgrade your food and drink with our powerful, easy-to-use Fast Casual Mobile Ordering & Payment and Kitchen Display System. High-volume is no problem with features that make sure you, fulfill orders on time, never lose a ticket, and keep guests coming back for more.

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Mobile Ordering & Payment

  • Guests can browse branded menus, and order with no app required.
  • Guests can make allergy and dietary modifications for accuracy everytime.
  • Digital payment is fast, easy and secure. Your sales grow while you reduce order errors and wait times.
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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • The GoTab KDS is built to work seamlessly with our Mobile Order & Payment system.
  • Optimize front-of-house and back-of-house operations with our KDS to keep your online ordering quick and efficient.
  • Real-time Product Mix and Sales analytics keep you on the fast track.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering.
Eliminate third party fees and own your guest data. Create branded online menus with images & videos. Communicate directly with the guests from the dashboard or KDS.

Self-Service Ordering

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Keep the line moving at your fast casual restaurant. Customers have control to order what they want, how they want it.

Seamless Transactions

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Guests can easily pay using their digital wallet including Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay.

Guest Engagement

GoTab Segments Improve Guest Engagement
Your guests are your guests. Segment your guests and market directly to them.

Real-time Menu Management

Image of GoTab menu
Custom branded menus with images or video and configured for your operations.

Accounting & Analytics

GoTab Accounting & Analytics for Breweries
Transparent revenue reporting. Measure insights that matter most to your operation.

Coupons & Discounts

In-Menu Notices
Keep your guests coming back for more with specials, coupons, discounts and seasonal offers.

Multi-Level Management

Multi-level Menu Management with GoTab
Customize pricing, descriptions, and even menu names at a brand, region or unit level.


Sell Merch with GoTab
Easily manage inventory including sizes and styles to highlight your brand with your customers.


First Party Ordering with Zones
Seamlessly manage in-store, online, and delivery revenue streams. Customize prompts by Zone for a fast, frictionless guest experience.

Solutions for Fast Casual Restaurants

Improve Guest Experience

Guests set the pace of their experience with frictionless, guest-centric ordering & payment technology. Guest segments support personalized experiences & increase loyalty.
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Labor Savings

Operators who use GoTab see on average of 30-50%higher check averages.  
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Streamline Back Of House

The clear and easy-to-use user interface prioritizes which tickets should be handled in what order, and can alert you when tickets are unattended for too long.
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