Give Guests Control with Contactless Eatertainment

Your guests come to your venue for both fun and food – why not empower them to enjoy both more? GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment system means guests spend more time enjoying themselves and less time standing in line. For you and your operation, that translates to higher ticket totals and more satisfied customers.

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Trusted by amazing operators including:

Trusted by amazing operators including:

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Rise of Eatertainment

Eatertainment venues have taken on a new life in recent months. Guests are looking for a safe place to enjoy a meal and activity with their friends and family, and nothing is better than an all-in-one experience. Whether you’re at a show, playing a round of board games, or working on your golf swing, there’s nothing worse than stopping the fun to flag down a server or stand in a line. With GoTab’s contactless system, your guests can embrace the eatertainment concept to its fullest. Open a tab, order, and pay directly from your phone – no app needed – and let the fun continue!

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Safe and Clean Operations

You and your staff have a lot to handle, from standard restaurant operations to sanitizing the spaces your guests enjoy – and all the extras that go along with your entertainment offerings. With a contactless ordering and payment system, your staff spends less time making trips to the POS and more time doing what they do best – taking care of your guests. Eliminating high-touch, high-occupancy areas (bar lines anyone?) keeps both your guests and staff safe and happy.

GoTab’s Eatertainment Features

Running any business is a management challenge, but combining two concepts together can create challenges you haven’t anticipated. GoTab’s streamlined service can help keep you on track. Eatertainment venues take on a larger footprint than standard operations, but with GoTab everything is sent exactly where it needs to go. Drink orders are sent to the bar and food to the kitchen, directly from your guest’s phone. Organize your menus, eCommerce needs, and location logistics all in one place – and make real-time changes as needed.

  • Integrated support for opening Tabs, sharing Tabs and splitting Tabs among friends
  • VIP and Member Discounting 
  • Mobile POS support 
  • Customer support available during operating hours
  • No app download required
  • On-site pre-ordering, ordering and pickup
  • In-seat ordering for table service
  • Two-way text communication
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