GoTab Frequently Asked Questions

For Operators

Check out these common questions about GoTab and your business.

GoTab provides a contactless, easy to use system for you and your guests to place, fulfill, and pay for orders. Guests can use their personal devices to order and pay, and our state-of-the-art system makes managing your menu and fulfilling orders simple. We don’t charge the outrageous fees of other third party services, and we let you control your system directly. Try GoTab today and see how we can help you!

No, the GoTab system is designed to be both an integrated or stand-alone service.

No, hardware is not required. We try to use all of your existing receipt printers, tablets, and KDS systems.

GoTab processes the payments and deposits the funds into your account.

There are two main concerns when a location has poor cellular service and/or bad Wifi. First, poor connectivity can impact GoTab’s ability to operate from the restaurant’s perspective. This means GoTab orders may not be processed quickly or GoTab could go offline altogether. The second way connectivity impacts GoTab is from the end users prospective. When a location has bad service, users may be unable to access the GoTab website, obviously limiting their ability to place orders.

If a location is in an area with bad cellular service, and the venue does not have fast or accessible WIFI, we may have to look at alternative solutions.

We are happy to help provide additional marketing materials to educate your guests! Materials include everything from table tents, posters, and stanchions to a-frames and menu inserts. These are available at an additional cost, but we’ve found them to be the most effective way to encourage adaptation.

Yes, guests have the option of paying with their preferred card or digital wallet option.

Orders can be received several ways. Digitally, through a receipt printer, or within your POS system.

Yes, you will have the option to set up scheduled orders. Guests can choose a time and date for their order.

GoTab can create pick tickets, manage drivers, and create delivery routes. Delivery drivers can use their GoTab account for both navigation and SMS communication with your customers.

We’re glad you asked! GoTab has a giant impact:

  • Nearly 60% of customers prefer GoTab when the other option is a line (2019 data)
  • GoTab results in 23% higher customer spend when compared to counter service
  • Yelp reviews average 1/2 star higher for GoTab users (10% higher)
  • GoTab enables unlimited throughput vs. POS (typically 3-5 times more at peak)

GoTab Zones provide the ultimate flexibility. Unlike a typical point of sale system, with zones you can segregate your business to accomplish anything you want. You can set up a Ghost Kitchen, create separate Drop Locations for direct-to-consumer ecommerce sales, or even generate delivery zones for home delivery of restaurant grocery items.

GoTab Order rules allow you to create customized coupons, discounts and fees within your GoTab management dashboard. 

A Coupon — has an expiration date and can be used a certain amount of times; for example, a buy-one, get-one free discount. 


Discounts are a percent or dollar amount of an item or check, for example, a staff discount.

A Fee is the inverse of a discount; for example, a delivery fee.


You can generate customer-level reports on Coupons, Discounts and Fees, add or remove customers from Coupons Discounts and Fees, or customize based on anything you’d like. 

A GoTag tag is a way to identify each menu item to make it easier for guests to sort or search your menu. For example, vegetarian, vegan, spicy, etc. You can tag items so that chits print in the kitchen, the bar, or anywhere else. You can even identify products to show up via email or digitally versus a KDS. 

For Guests

Questions about using GoTab? No problem – find your answers below.

Simply scan our QR code using your smartphone’s camera. A notification will automatically display at the top of your screen. Once you click that notification, you will have access to our online menu. You may then select any items from the online menu and our servers will bring your items to you, or you may choose to pick up your order from the restaurant’s designated pickup area.

No. You can locate and pay for your bill by scanning the QR code on gotab.com on your smartphone’s web browser. Upon checkout, you will be given the option of inputting your credit card information to our secure website, or paying through a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay.

The location at which you receive your order may vary depending on the restaurant/bar.

In-Venue: When you scan the QR code on your table and submit an order via GoTab, your server will know which table the order was placed from. Please remain at your table until your order arrives so that our servers can locate you.

Pickup: At some locations you may designate a location to which you would like your order to be delivered. Go to that location to receive your order.

Delivery: When you enter your address and it is authenticated, it will be placed on a route for the restaurant to deliver. They will deliver within the time window you selected.

When you place an order using GoTab, a default tip will automatically be applied to your order. You are always welcome to adjust the tip percentage on the payment information screen, however, some restaurants may require a minimum tip (or service fee).

GoTab requires that confirm your payment information before your items are served to you. If you leave a tab open, the tab will automatically be closed when the venue closes. Therefore, you cannot accidentally leave without closing your tab! Your days of leaving credit cards at the bar are behind you!

GoTab charges a small convenience fee of 25 cents per transaction so that we can continue to provide our customers with excellent service – there is no additional cost to use GoTab!

In compliance with national, state, and local liquor laws, our servers will not serve alcohol to underage guests. If ordering alcoholic beverages, please be prepared to show your server a valid ID. Underage guests are still welcome to place orders for food or non-alcoholic beverages through GoTab!

Security and user trust are our top priorities. Your card information is encrypted, stored, and protected via our third-party payment processor Stripe (https://stripe.com). If you have any questions about security or account protection, please contact [email protected]

Contact the restaurant where you placed your order and inform them of the error. They will review the issue and issue a refund if applicable.

This fee depends on your distance from the restaurant and the order autograt rate.

Collection of devices with GoTab software on screen.

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