Elevate The Food Hall Guest Experience

Ideal for Food Halls, GoTab makes it easy for your food hall to streamline the ordering and payment experience for guests. Vendors are empowered with access to their own product catalog and sales, while also creating a seamless ordering experience for guests. Get a unified QR ordering experience for all vendors, with the same features and benefits as single GoTab locations.

Run Smoothly, And Serve Guests Efficiently

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Vendors get real-time access to individual sales reports.
Brewery Inventory Tracking
Each vendor can individually manage their own products and menus in real-time and customize them to align with their brand.
Two-Way Text Communication
Manage guest expectations, and tackle operational challenges with direct two-way communication.
Daily payouts.
Payouts, including taxes and tips, are transferred to each vendor, on a daily basis.
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Simplify The Guest And Vendor Experience

Upgrade your Food Hall with GoTab’s fast, easy-to-use mobile ordering and payment system. No need for guests to fight the crowds to check out an individual menu. Guests can enjoy browsing all vendor menus from one QR code. They enter payment once, and everyone in their party, and each food hall vendor, gets what they need.

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Mobile Ordering & Payment

  • Guests can browse branded menus, and order with no app required.
  • Guests can make allergy and dietary modifications for accuracy everytime.
  • Digital payment is fast, easy and secure. Your sales grow while you reduce order errors and wait times.
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Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • The GoTab KDS is built to work seamlessly with our Mobile Order & Payment system.
  • Optimize front-of-house and back-of-house operations with our KDS to keep your online ordering quick and efficient.
  • Real-time Product Mix and Sales analytics keep you on the fast track.
GoTab Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

  • Set up menus tailored to your hotel or resort. Upload menu item images and media to create visually engaging menus.
  • View sales and order summaries, breakdowns by zone, refund summaries, discounts and fees overview.
  • Accounting setups that work with the systems you already have.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering.
Create branded online menus with images and videos. Communicate directly with food hall guests from the dashboard or KDS.

Seamless, Secure Payments

Seamless, Secure Payments
Guests can easily pay using Apple Pay, Android Pay, GooglePay, MasterCard and more.

Real-Time Menu Management

Real-time Menu Management
Custom branded menus with images or video configured for your food hall and vendors.


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Measure insights that matter most to your operation with transparent and up-to-date reporting.

The Market at Malcolm Yards Introduces Innovative Food Hall Experience Powered by GoTab

The Market at Malcolm Yard Beer Wall.

Leveraging GoTab Pass, a radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, The Market at Malcolm Yards is reshaping the food hall guest experience to make it faster, easier and more seamless for guests to order and pay from multiple vendors all on one tab. With a quick and simple tap of a branded smart card, the Pass technology allows Malcolm Yards visitors to charge items from any of its 10+ vendors back to a single tab, driving increased order sizes for vendors. Creating a seamless ordering and payment experience for guests, GoTab Pass has the ability to send timely SMS order notifications to individual guests on the tab.

Solutions for Food Halls

Improve Guest Experience

Access all menus, order, and pay from a single QR code.
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Sales & Reporting

Have access to real-time data in order to adjust operations accordingly.
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Daily Payouts

Payouts are transferred to each vendor on a daily basis.
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