Optimize Your Food and Beverage Operations

GoTab’s contactless ordering & payment technology allows guests to order and pay for food and drinks, whether in the hotel restaurant or in your guest room via their mobile device. Guests can browse your branded, customized message and menus. We enable more efficient operations for any service model be it IRD, bar, pool area, counter, or table service, and also self-service using QRs for both ordering and payment.


Optimize Your Hotel Dining Operations

GoTab’s contactless ordering and payment technology allows guests to self-order and pay for food and drinks, whether in the hotel restaurant or in-room, via their own phone. GoTab can be used for in-room service and on-site dining including coffee shops, bars, poolside, rooftop restaurants, and more!

The New Standard is Flexibility!

A platform focused on efficiency and experiences; allows your guests to order from their guest room or wherever they might be headed next. Meet your guests where they are and monetize your remote areas throughout your hotel or resort, like poolside, rooftop, patio, and even on the golf course! By offering QR codes at each area allows for flexible delivery directly to the guest. 

Man reclines next to a pool, with his drink on a side table and a phone in his hands looking at a GoTab menu.

Tab and Tab Sharing

  • Enable your guests’ to have complete control of their dining experience.
  • An open tab with a pre-authorized credit card, guests can order where and when they want. 
  • Tabs can be shared with others in the area, or even texted to friends. 
  • Guests can create a running tab connected to their mobile device, eliminating the number of payment transactions. 
  • Guests do not have to close their tabs At GoTab we close out all open tabs at the end of each day, adding a default tip percentage.

Text Communication

  • Real time text messaging between you and your guest, this will eliminate inefficiencies in services. 
  • Alert a customer of where their item is in the fulfillment process. Operators can deliver to-seat or text a customer for pickup.
  • Get ahead of issues before they become bad reviews. Text a customer to let them know of out of stock items or delays.

Optimizing Revenue Zones

GoTab’s zone system allows operators to organize their revenue centers and build a unique experience, enabling operators to differentiate their service model and offerings based on where the guests are located. This allows large amounts of reporting and analytics to be broken down into individual sales reports, product mixes and other information on a per-zone basis.

In-Room Dining

Place a simple QR on your mini-bar fridge, or next to the TV remote with a light menu full of all the comforts of home, right at your fingertips. Allow guests to skip the inconvenience of ordering through a third-party delivery service or jumping through hoops to reach someone for room service.

Hotel room service


Allow guests to plan their trip and pre-order items before they arrive. Let them schedule delivery in advance for delivery or redemption of food, drinks, and services.

Reduce Costs

Cut costs by removing traditional printed menus and replace them with digital contactless menus & ordering. Operators see an average decrease of 14% in costs due to reduced waste and efficiencies gained.

Increase Revenue

Our Digital Menus allow you to recommend popular or relevant pairings that guests ordinarily may not have considered and allows them to increase basket size with relevant offers. Operators see an average increase of 28% in sales.

GoTab and Hilton

“We have been able to optimize our culinary operations and handle an exponentially higher volume of orders thanks to GoTab’s technology. This has led to robust sales and a 240% increase year-over-year in F&B revenue, which is truly a feat given the current global pandemic. The use of contactless ordering features also allowed them to significantly reduce menu printing costs, which typically represent a large line item on their budget.”

Zach Dimmit

Food & Beverage Director, Hilton Omaha

Flexible Management

GoTab gives you the ability to have more control over your menu. Break down your sales summary, view your sales and orders per hour, and even compare your current numbers to previous weeks. GoTab helps you organize and analyze your business.

Menu Breakdown

Menu modifiers allow you to customize orders and promotions straight from the Manager App. These features let you organize your products so you have control over your guest experience. Edit your menu on the fly to add specials, enable/disable and 86 items when needed, straight from the KDS.


Modern inventory management takes into account ordered versus scheduled inventory, to bridge the gap between takeout/delivery and dine-in orders.

Key Features for Hotel Operations

“GoTab is the best solution for contactless ordering and payment in the current landscape. It has given us the tools to pivot during this past year, and we’re excited to evolve our hospitality service model to blend technology and in-person hospitality, particularly for our luxury clientele.”
Camilo Rivera
General Manager, The Delegate a Marriott Property
GoTab POS integration.

Service Makes The Difference

With an average 8 minute response time, our 24×7 customer success team is always available to help. Additionally our operations team comprises dedicated onboarding and account management divisions to more quickly get operators started and running smoothly. Customers can be made fully operational in as little as 14 days from signing up with GoTab.

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